The Flaming Lips have been transporting us to distant universes since 1983. Debut album Hear It Is took us on a whistle-stop tour of planet punk, with its thrashing guitars and feedback wail; masterpieces The Soft Bulletin (1999) and Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2002) explored a nebula full of oozing synth bubbles, shimmering strings and mysterious enticing vocals.

New album Oczy Mlody takes us further than we’ve ever been before, past planet punk and the psychedelic nebula and into the twenty second century. The title track and opener is an instant indicator of the way this album will flow; synths twinkling over an electronic beat.

The Flaming Lips' already well-established relationship with aussie psych-rockers, Tame Impala, is once again highlighted throughout this album. The heavy use of powerful electronic sounds on tracks like ‘Nigdy Nie (Never No)’ and ‘The Castle’ mirror Imala’s 2015 album Currents.

What makes this album great, like so many of their albums before, is how easy it is to lose yourself in the hypnotic voice of Wayne Coyne. It’s amazing to think that when they started in '83 it was his brother, Mark, who fronted the now legendary group.

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