It is here. Interplanetary Class Classics has finally surfaced, the rousing debut album by The Moonlandingz, a super group formed by members of the Eccentronic Research Council and Fat White Family. With the technical furtherance of Sean Lennon, Interplanetary Class Classics is a stimulating opus sung by Lias Saoudi, of Fat White Family, as the character of Johnny Rocket who first appeared in the work of the Eccentronic Research Council.

Each track is disgustingly danceable and insanely catchy. You’ll soon unknowingly find yourself singing along with lyrics such as “every day is like a kick in the cunt / you are like a never ending time of the month” or “suck your wind pipe dry little darling, wipe my tear from your eye”.

Pinning this album down into any one genre is very tricky. Kraut-psych-sleaze-pop? Sensual-space-techno? However you choose to describe the sound it is undeniably enrapturing.

The group have also recruited some special guests including Randy Jones - the cowboy from Village People - as ‘Gunter the Giver’ on the erotically potent track ‘Glory Hole’ and Yoko Ono, whose preternatural wailings oscillate violently on the albums grand finale: ‘This Cities Undone’.

In conclusion, this album was like a bizarre fever dream that I never wanted to leave and when I awoke I was left feeling somewhat dirty, but you know, in a good way. Their live shows have the same effect but multiplied by a thousand so I highly recommend attending if you get the chance.

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