A thrill of debauchery and anarchic power foreground the EP from Manchester's five-piece. Emphatic pounding of drums precede each track, alongside a moody bass line and resonant guitar riffs.

Opener and title track, 'Bad Thing', is an impulsive introduction to the audacity that revolves around this EP, chanting "everyone says we're no good / we don't do what we should" over chugging guitars.

This audacious theme could be what attracted the almighty Iggy Pop, who features in the following track, 'Aggrophobe'. The deep, gravel-polished voice of Iggy Pop recites an anxiety-ridden monologue, interrupted periodically by the chanting chorus, the female vocals of the band echoing his own.

Most recent single, 'All Hail', is erratic and pop-fuelled, a great contrast between its neighbouring tracks. 'In Nightmares' is slow and swooning, reminiscent of Best Coast with a touch of melancholy, arguably the most vulnerable, musically, of the EP.

Final track, cover of 'Dead Souls' by Joy Division, is soft and easy-listening, an appropriate track to conclude the EP. The dynamic energy of Bad Thing is quite deceiving; for an EP that introduces itself as dominant and formidable, it is quite explicit in its exhibition of that uneasiness that comes with anxiety and vulnerability.

Bad Thing was released March 24th via Haus of Pins.

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