Headrow House, Leeds. 19/04/17

Photos by Meg Firth

PINS bring a thrill of anarchy and infatuating dynamism to every performance, and the Manchester five-some didn’t disappoint at their headline show at Headrow House. With their contagious charm, satanic guitar hooks and seductively infectious energy, the night was destined for some unrestrained female empowerment.

Arriving just as support band, Baby in Vain, surged into their closing song, I instantly regretted not coming down early enough. Delivering intoxicating grunge riffs laced with a transcendent magnetism, the Copenhagen three-piece were the perfect warm up for PINS, enticing people down from the smoking area with their devilish aura and dirty basslines.

The room was packed for PINS. Opening with the foreboding drum pulses and swaggering bassline of most-recent single ‘Aggrophobe’, the sultry mood and anticipation for debauchery was set. Bassist Anna Donnigan takes over the dark spoken-word lyrics - which are originally sung by Iggy Pop on the recorded version – hovering over the crowd with menace and a disaffected glare. Guitarist Lois McDonald bounces along as she delivers blisteringly dark guitar riffs, swaggering seamlessly into the murky fuzz of ‘Bad Thing’.

Frontwoman Faith Holgate ensnared the crowd with her breathy yet guttural vocals and feline stare, whilst drummer Sophie Galpin added a pulsating dynamism with her simple yet vivacious beats. Meanwhile, the rest of the band frequently swap their instruments, with Kyoko trading her keyboards for Sophie’s guitar and Anna taking over tambourine duty when it’s Faith’s turn on bass, boasting the girls’ virtuosity and care-free dynamism.

Finishing with guttural anthem ‘LUVU4LYF’, PINS left the stage leaving the crowd pining for more. The slurring chant of “One more song!” filled the room, and before long the girls were surging into ‘Girls Like US’, inviting all the girls onto the stage. The stage was full of euphoria, as fans danced with unimpeded bliss to the empowering noise of PINS. As the set came to a close, everyone hugged despite how sweaty they had become, and PINS vacated the stage, beaming.

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