Sickly-sweet pop duo, SUGARHOUSE, unveil a soliloquy of young love to re-forecast your English summer. 'Love Anyone Else' is released on cassette via Sad Club Records, along with exclusively physical B-side 'Julie', and snatched up by the indiest of kids in a matter of days (but rest assured there will be more).

Simple melodies, shared between boyfriend-girlfriend Sinclair and Craven, swoon over jangly guitars, affection positively seeping from every lyric. Facing the inevitable obstacle of craving independence yet not quite being able to let go of the comfort in naivety. Dripping with euphoria, ice cream, sun cream, and all things that makes a child feel fizzy on the inside, SUGARHOUSE seem to have coaxed summer to come early.

Buy the cassette from Sad Club Records.

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