Is there anything Roxy Brennan can’t do? You might know her for being in a whole host of great bands including Joanna Gruesome, Trust Fund, Towel and of course her own solo project Two White Cranes. Furore, Brennan’s new “electro-pop utter ego”, pushes the currently Brighton based singer’s sound to new realms way beyond the guitar lead indie of old.

Layers of repetitive vocals are the focus of these six carefully crafted tracks. Behind these sweet voices, synths gently pulsate and drum machines beat to build a gently undulating soundscape for the many Roxys to inhabit. This project bears some resemblance to her time in Towel, experimental and not afraid of a key board but seems much more subdued and personal.

There is definitely a lot here for fans of Two White Cranes, but also for new followers into the likes of Fear of Men and Beach House. It’s hard to predict an artist this versatile, with so many projects under her belt but with any luck there is plenty more where this came from. Furore is subtle and delicate and leaves you craving more.

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