Hooded Fang, for five albums, have tainted the initial expectations of newcomers with their gothic band name. From the borderline-psychedelic stumbling bassline in 'Sister and Suns', from the new record Dynasty House, to the jangly, three-chord pop in 'Clap', from early album Tosta Mista, it's as if you've uncovered a gem in a pile of rubble.

Although often enigmatic in their new, expansive sound, the hypnotic jangly guitar hooks, so characteristic of Hooded Fang, remain. Woven through psychedelic echoes and effortless rollercoaster melodies, Dynasty House introduces something a little less danceable and little more shoegaze-reminiscent. Lead singer, Daniel Lee's, voice is graver, often more delicate, giving way to a slightly more instrumental record.

With just 6 tracks filling the album and no song shorter than 3 minutes, it echoes a tame stream of consciousness, partly nostalgic (for example, the fast-paced yet gentle melody of 'Paramaribo Prince' mirroring the chorus of 'Jubb' from Tosta Mista) and partly and exploration of new territory. A subtle slice of psychedelia.

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