The rumour of an Indie Banquet should send the ears of all indie-kid-gig-goers pricking, for the good folk at Pizza for the People have continuously satisfied the bellies and the ears of the people of Leeds during their nights hosting the great local crop of musicians and food traders. After a brief interlude (of speculating who and where and what etc.), they only went and announced an all-dayer at Leeds' infamous Brudenell Social Club on Saturday 14 October (links to tickets at the bottom). So, here's the lowdown:


The Wytches are fuzz, distortion, psychedelia, melodious, formidable. Two albums in, the four-piece return to Leeds with their hallucinatory riffs, raucous instrumentals and gravelly vocals. Debut album, Annabelle Dream Reader, polished and brash, was released back in 2014 via Heavenly Records, alongside other psychedelic greats such as TOY and King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard. No wonder the band stayed on with Heavenly to release their sophomore album, All Your Happy Life in 2016. A big name and a fitting headliner for the feast of bands in the lead-up.


Vuglarians: a riot of northern boys. The four post-punks mould walls of noise, layering riffs that echo the melody under erratic vocals. Like fellow Leeds band, Menace Beach, melodies are catchy and accessible, for the multitaskers who fancy the sing-along as well as the mosh.


Thee MVPs: noisy, good ol' fun. 'Funeral', the first from the EP to launch as part of the short film 'RECEIVER', is brassy and rapid from start to finish; distortion singing falsetto to link verse to chorus, and then shortly overridden by sporadic guitars. Manic. Brilliant.


Yowl: fresh from the streets of Peckham. Exhibiting soft, deep, King Krule-esque vocals by verse, and riotous, spoken-word by chorus, Yowl can be reminiscent of The Libertines, Iceage, The Fratellis, in parts, perhaps. A concoction of the simple and melodic with the discordant and anarchic makes for a seductive intrigue and, I'm sure, a riveting live show.


Colour of Spring: a mellow shoegaze frenzy, flaunting an oxymoronic ambience. Melodies swoon gently over the warped distortion of chugging guitars. Debut EP was released in June via House of Love Records. Live, they're sure to send your head swirling.


Team Picture: guitar palpitations blanketed in post-punk feedback. 'Air, Not Air' released on Leeds' Clue Records as part of their Clue Club, and 'Birthday Blues', are standout tracks on the band's growing archive. Heavy on the instrumental, psychedelic in the atmosphere, hypnotic in the melodies. What's not to like?


Drahla hold the buzz as one of the best new bands to emerge from the Leeds music scene. Recent single 'Faux Text' fuses spoken-word-esque melodies over a dense, instrumental backdrop. Unexpected squirming brass weaves in between heavy strumming and pulsating guitar. Always an enthralling live band.


Party Hardly: friendliest of feelings. Pop-daze with danceable riffs, the Leeds boys have, unsurprisingly, caught the attention of bands such as Trudy and the Romance, The Magic Gang, and Bruising, and have become something of an eminent band in Leeds that you wouldn't want to miss. Party Hard(ly) at the Brudenell.


Dead Naked Hippies: enigmatic, with an audacity expected from bands such as Savages or Nirvana. With singles 'Lights Out' and 'Drain You' surging with post-punk, feedback-laden riffs, only to distract from the tease of another single. Snippets roam the net, including a session with BBC Introducing West Yorkshire. A band to blow you away, so get there early.

Jean Pavitt

TICKETS (only £1.66 per band, bargain): See Tickets Ticket Arena DICE

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