Since the release of the sublime Pasta, Rice and Other Fillers was released back in 2016, Porridge Radio have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands in the country. 'Bitch', taken from Bowl Cut Records new compilation Dead Trim, sees singer Dana Margolin step away from the full band leaving just an electronic beat and gentle synths to protect layered delicate vocals. "Don't look at me. Don't talk to me. Don't touch me." Margolin sighs.

Dead Trim places Porridge Radio along side a host of DIY bands from the UK and Beyond, including Charmpit, Garden Centre, Neurotic Fiction and The Hipshakes. Released on February 2nd, the compilation celebrates one year of the Leeds based record label and coincides with it's birthday all-dayer at Wharf Chambers on Saturday 27th of January.

Stream 'Bitch' below.

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1. Speed Skater - Shut My Mouth

2. Ski Saigon - Moon Enemy

3. Charmpit - Buckfast My Heart

4. Uncle Buzzard - Bamzooki

5. Garden Centre - Heating

6. Porridge Radio - Bitch

7. Neurotic Fiction - The Meaning of LYF

8. American Poetry Club - Summers With Ethan! (demo)

9. The Hipshakes - The Ledge (Fleetwood Mac)

10. Wormboys – Rock DJ (Robbie Williams)

Porridge Radio tour dates (with Garden Centre):

28 Jan – Oxford – The Brewhouse

29 Jan – Leeds – House Show

30 Jan – Sheffield – Audacious Art Experiement

31 Jan – Manchester - Fuel

1 Feb – Edinburgh – Henry’s Cellar Bar

2 Feb – Kettering – The Three Cocks Inn

3 Feb – Brighton – The Green Door Store

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