Leather-clad Rocky Horror, fuelled with taunt and seduction, is Heirloom's big entrance. The Brighton five-some, a self-confessed collective of doom and gloom, are only months old, and have already dropped their tantalising debut single, 'Femme'.

A slow, repetitive guitar riff creeps beneath the hypnotic vocals of Jade Taaffe and Samuel Rivers. Rivers' voice, deep, coarse, and ghoulish, is an echo of Taaffe's caution: "I told you not to come around here". An unholy staccato organ peeps on the offbeat whilst the rest of the band begin to increase the distortion.

Take the bewitching qualities of Savages, Blondie, and perhaps a little Adam Ant, and serve them in the early hours of an October morning, you've got Heirloom. One can only imagine their live performance to be a flirtation with the other-worldy, as the vocals swoon and the guitars chirp around a venue. Why imagine? See for yourselves. Catch Heirloom supporting Demob Happy at The Haunt, Brighton, next week [14/04].

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