On their debut self-titled EP, Leeds-based AVACET inspire intrigue through reinterpreting past influences, as opposed to merely replicating them. The two tracks give us insight into what would have happened if IRS era REM realised it was actually their calling to become an early-80s British goth rock band. The result: sleek, melodic songs that just happen to have been left to soak in the sinister atmosphere of that forest Robert Smith goes on about on The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds.

It’s another immaculate mix from Matt Peel, who also produced those gorgeous multi-layer vocals from Team Picture’s full embrace of electro pop, '(I Have A) Little Secret', earlier this year. However, these are two songs that can still tower without the sheen of their production, and much of this is owed to Christian Gautrey’s vocals, in which an undercurrent of angst is masked by a soulful delivery. The introspective lyrics mournfully linger on the past whilst anxiously avoiding looking to the future, and while all of this sounds incredibly gloomy, the EP is reminiscent of how Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm managed to evoke emotional intensity whilst still continually moving forwards at a brisk pace. The tracks are too fluent in their speed and structure, and too pretty with their chiming guitar interplay between Elliot Laws and Gautrey, to become swallowed in their own sadness, and the overall outcome is a strangely optimistic one.

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