19 songs of bitter and twisted indulgence, Goat Girl’s debut is a devious masterpiece. Opener ‘Salty Sounds’ reveals shadows of the minor key that lurks in the underbelly of the album. The cover artwork is reminiscent of William Blake’s Experience poems; a seemingly untainted mankind living in the unholiest of societies. Lead vocalist, Lottie Pendlebury, has a voice deep and soft. Hypnotic, even. The serenity in her vocals, and accompanied harmonies, singing lyrics such as “Creep on the train / I really want to smash your head in” may well be disturbing, yet still resonates with the morally-grounded, unhinged psychopath inside of us all.

At an unexpected 40 minutes long, the contents of Goat Girl’s eponymous album are: three instrumental intervals (including opening track ‘Salty Sounds’), a spoken-word track featuring Lincoln Barrett, and 15 more tracks following the punk ethos of short and to the point.

‘Cracker Drool’, an album highlight, is introduced by a bass line that nods to The Cure or The Coral, and jangly guitars that work themselves up into a frenzy. Other standouts include: ’The Man With No Heart or Brain’, a minute and a half of circus-cult chants and bouncing riffs, ‘The Man’, face-paced and lust-fuelled, and a rerecorded ‘Country Sleaze’. As the earliest Goat Girl single, it will always be a favourite.

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