I Don’t Run has been an album highly anticipated by many. With excitement, anxiety, even scepticism, we waited for the sequel to the raw and untamed debut from the Spanish group. It is no secret that attached to a sophomore album is an almost unachievable expectation; it must be a recreation of the first, but different, but the same, but better...

The sound of Hinds may not be authentically rock’n’roll, but their character is. Charisma and audacity seep through every jangle of guitar or chaotic melody in I Don’t Run. With a huge sigh of relief, Hinds have conquered the curse of the second album.

Opener ‘The Club’ bursts with fact-paced strumming and a riff that has The Strokes scrawled all over it. This track advocates a fresh look on growing up: “Politely, can I ask you what the hell do they have that you want so bad? / I wanna show you it’s cool to grow up”.

The album is more polished than the first, not quite as raw as ‘Bamboo’ or ‘Castigadas En El Granero’, but that charming chaos that is inherently Hinds’ is still very much prevalent in the shared vocals of Carlotta Cosails and Ana Perrote.

The ascending/descending guitars introducing ‘Tester’ mirrors the vocals in an early Libertines-style manner, until it erupts into that classic Hinds, mosh-inducing, fast-paced melody. From the boisterous magnetism in premier single ‘New For You’, to slower, simpler, melodic tracks such as ‘Echoing My Name’ or ‘Finally Floating’, it’s evident that Hinds have found a way to mature their sound without losing their wild, riotous roots.

On that note, here is a quote from Hinds featured in the album sleeve booklet: “All these songs are inspired in our personal lives and struggles. Hope you find a reflection in them. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone. In the end we all suffer about the same fucking shit, don’t we?”

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