Re-linquent made it to a second week! Re-joice! Catch up on the best of the last week below and relish in the acts flying under your radar.

YOWL / 'Warm in the Soft White Fire of Modern Living)'

The London post-punk quartet return with new single ‘Warm (in the Soft White Fire of Modern Living)’, sufficiently packed with wonky licks and satisfying chaos. Like Pavement fronted by Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson (don’t let that put you off) until a dangerous wave of feedback infects the track and holds us all at knifepoint, it’s an excellently executed single from a far happier place than last year’s Before the Sleep Sets In EP. Bonus points for the highbrow literary and cinematic references.

Courtney Barnett / 'City Looks Pretty'

Following in the stead of two spectacular singles already released ahead of sophomore album Tell Me How You Really Feel, ‘City Looks Pretty’ is a sentimental life-on-the-road anthem from the celebrated Aussie. The track triumphantly experiments in tempo as it shifts between Barnett’s dual calling cards - slouched balladry and radio-friendly punk, matching scuzzy feedback and taut riffs with a sugary drawl and warped rhythms.

Mozes and the Firstborn / 'Sad Supermarket Song'

The Dutch are coming for you in 2018 - that’s not a threat, but a promise. Pip Blom and Canshaker Pi have become familiar names on the UK circuit and soon to join them are Delinquent faves The Orielles’ mates, Mozes and the Firstborn. The new track from the Eindhoven quartet is a slacker’s take on pop-punk with its soaring chorus pushed into a dark hole and an emo invasion upsetting the potential for a party. Exposing the groceries experience for the harrowing trauma it is, ‘Sad Supermarket Song’ is the track officinaphobics have been waiting for.

Heartbreak Satellite - 'Follow'

Delightfully insane, this track from Scandinavian supergroup (of sorts) weaves together found-sound samples and synths into an alt-pop avalanche, à la LA Priest or Superorganism. Culminating in a monstrously maximalist wave of melodies and garnished with a free jazz saxophone solo, Heartbreak Satellite are a dazzlingly colourful prospect. Restrained vocals seem to find solace in the dizzy chaos but the nonsense lyrics are the giveaway tell - this is brilliantly bonkers.

Ibibio Sound Machine - 'Imma'

Post-punk, big-band, afrobeat and cowbell are four ingredients you rarely hear together, but Ibibio Sound Machine are deliberately leftfield. Intentionally pairing diverse genres, the afrobeat-cum-everything-else octet’s new EP, Eyio, is another gleeful trip through it all. Riding a wave of game-console synths, cresting in brass flourishes and floating on a disco bassline, it’s a perfect soundtrack for glorious weather (or just remembering it…).

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