Here we are again - this week’s installment of Re-linquent is looking fresher than ever. Dig in.

Iceage / 'Showtime'

New album Beyondless is a far cry from the angry thrashings of Iceage’s debut New Brigade - nowhere is that more obvious than ‘Showtime’, a macabre tale steeped in street corner saxophone and cigarette smoke. Concentrating their anger into inspired art-punk, this tucked-away track is a gorgeously sordid paean seeing the Danes confront excess with a painfully dark humour.

Kero Kero Bonito / 'Time Today'

Their TOTEP EP saw the internet-pop stars step away from their hyperactive cartoon style earlier this year and now this first taste of a new album adds even more textures to Kero Kero Bonito’s ever expanding repertoire. ‘Time Today’ dips its toes into new wave, dream pop, and chillwave, finding a sweet spot in the nowhere between them all - perfect for lazing in the sun whilst impulse shopping online.

Protomartyr / 'Wheel of Fortune (feat. Kelley Deal)'

Following up 2017’s flawless Relatives in Descent, Protomartyr announced the new Consolation EP with this stellar new single. ‘Wheel of Fortune’ plays with horror film atmospherics, flitting between roaringly aggressive to quietly menacing, but still manages to work in a catchy hook (which isn’t something you’d necessarily expect from the group). Featuring The Breeders’ Kelley Deal, the Detroit 4-piece continue to grow into future landmarks for the punk scene.

Breakfast Muff / 'You’re Not Written In My Stars'

Breakfast Muff have been forging a chain of caustic cuts of late and new single ‘You’re Not Written In My Stars’ dares not break the trend. Vitriolic chords stomp back and forth across the face of a doomed relationship and guitar feedback gets lost in messy vocal squeals. Alluring siren harmonies lures a victim into a poisonous kiss goodbye; the track’s bitter climax is flawlessly angry.

Allison’s Gate / 'Bona Fide'

The new track from Allison’s Gate is an intimate experiment in lo-fi bedroom pop built around a hypnotic, droning guitar riff. Yet another gem from the Memorials of Distinction roster, bittersweet vocals call from the other end of a distant phone line, whilst shuffling drums and keys orbit from even further afar. There’s beauty in the messy train of thought and peace in its resolve.

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