It’s here! Sorry it’s late - narrowing this week’s plentiful tracks down to just five has proven difficult. Anyway, crack on...

Show Boy / ‘Heart is an Apple’

Gathering hoards of fans in their native London, Show Boy plough through 00s pop and manage to make it relevant again with their new single ‘Heart is an Apple’, accompanied by an excellent stop-motion video. Normally found stretching power-pop to its most glorious and camp, the track finds the band relaxing into R&B falsetto and finding serenity in its smooth hooks.

The Golden Dregs / ‘What A Life / What A Waste’

The next single from the Falmouth group’s debut pads its way through early Strokes, the Velvet Underground and lo-fi and still manages to come through sounding distinctly Golden Dregs-ian, thanks to the tangible teamwork at play. The ‘solo’ project from Benjamin Woods rounds up the South West’s finest musicians to craft a finely-tuned garage-pop anthem. Expect the album to soundtrack all sorts of drunken summer escapades.

La Luz / ‘My Golden One’

After releasing new album Floating Features via Hardly Art on Friday, ‘My Golden One’ is a gorgeous romantic ballad, taking inspiration from art-punk, exotica and samba. Finding love from across a smoky ballroom, it’s a hypnotic, meandering side-alley from the Seattle quartet on a stellar album.

Uncle Buzzard / ‘Viagra Falls’

The brilliantly named ‘Viagra Falls’, from the equally brilliantly named Leeds 4-piece Uncle Buzzard, finds the group mining the sweet spot somewhere between Homeshake, UMO and MGMT. A cut from recent EP Origami Boy, released Friday via Delinquent faves Bowl Cut Records, it playfully pushes a synth hook onto a slow jam’s lost guitar lick. Balancing nerdy and lust is a tough act but Uncle Buzzard charmingly pull it off (even if they do insist on referring to their music as daddy jazz).

HINGES / ‘Stay Low’

‘Stay Low’ finds the anonymous HINGES play crunchy hip-hop beats against stripped-back guitars, and take shelter in the syrupy space between the two. Harmonising with an angelic vocoder, there are echoes of Bon Iver’s 22, A Million in its smart, roguish attitude to convention and vulnerability. The best of electronica is when it finds the human at the heart of it all and HINGES makes no effort to disguise the endearing emotional innocence at the core of ‘Stay Low’.

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