Is it really time for Relinquent again? You betcha it is. Here’s the best of the last week.

The Golden Dregs / ‘Cleopatra’

Built around a loping guitar riff, ‘Cleopatra’ is a relaxed cut from the new album from The Golden Dregs. Lounging in loose drums and lazy vocals, it’s a tightly-crafted nugget of pure gold (fittingly). Feverish saxophone is the cherry on this balmy slice of surf-slacker and adds fuel to the ever-growing theory that The Golden Dregs are Cornwall’s answer to The Velvet Underground.

Weird Milk / ‘Better’

Plodding organs, lovelorn guitars and shuffling drums are becoming a calling card for London 4-piece Weird Milk and their romantic take on baroque pop, and new single ‘Better’ doubles down on the formula. Heralding the arrival of spring (and oncoming approach of summer), the quartet update Burt Bacharach’s balladry with Tame Impala-esque swirling psych and gorgeous harmonies.

Maggie Rogers / ‘Fallingwater’

Maggie Rogers first came to prominence after making big-hat-aficionado Pharrell cry (with her music, she didn’t stomp on a big hat). Since that fateful school tour, she’s been at the forefront of smart pop, leading the next wave of poptimists on their first pilgrimage like the Pied Piper of Maryland. ‘Fallingwater’ is her newest single and is, of course, huge - smart percussion, soaring choruses and references to Japanese-inspired architecture all contribute to Rogers’ next attempt at seeing Mr. Williams welling up.

Sunken / ‘Over the Days’

After lurking in London and nurturing their sultry sound live, Sunken finally emerge with their impressive debut single via Handsome Dad Records (The Big Moon, Jerkcurb). Gently padding through hardly-there guitars, slinking synths and slick production, vocalist Poppy Billingham’s captivating vocals muse over the nature of relationships until the track climaxes with an excellent sax solo. Perfect thunderstorm music.

Garden Centre / ‘Wheelie’

‘Wheelie’ is a supreme slice of noise-pop from the DIY supergroup accompanied with an equally ace video. Haywire guitars, upbeat harmonies and the distinctive screwball voice of Max Levy all combine to force the weight of a 4-minute pop song into just under two. Shamelessly ramshackle, it wouldn’t be summer without Garden Centre and a trip on your bike.

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