In the name of science, this week’s Re-linquent is a bit of an experiment. I’ve cut down the words in order to speed up transmission of great music (of which there is still plenty, don’t worry). Get back to me with feedback.

Charli XCX / ‘5 in the Morning’

  • New sleek bubblegum-trap ballad from new Queen of Pop

  • Icy and intriguing sidestep from the sounds of excellent Pop 2

  • FFO: Migos, PC Music, SZA

black midi / ‘bmbmbm’

  • Muscular math-noise from hyped London 4-piece

  • Big. Very very big

  • FFO: Girl Band, Ought, Talking Heads

LUMP / ‘Rolling Thunder’

  • Psych synth dream-folk from duo Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay

  • Hypnotic and beguiling album track starring layered vocals and a gorgeous and knotty soundscape

  • FFO: Tuung, Kate Bush, Laura Marling

Seatbelts / ‘It Is As If I Am A.I’

  • Noodling new post-punk project from two members of Hooton Tennis Club

  • Relaxed cut from EP playing with pretty chords and grungey bass - think Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’ through the sonic kaleidoscope of Nirvana or King Krule (or both? neither?)

  • FFO: Hooton Tennis Club (no shit), Flyte, Bob Dylan

IDLES / ‘Colossus’

  • Addictive, eery and controlled

  • Searing take down of toxic masculinity with tense, chugging guitars

  • FFO: early Swans, Shame, Metz

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