Here’s this week’s Re-linquent. This week I’ve written each review as a painfully long and awful extended metaphor, for better or worse. I’m sorry. You can just skip to listening to the tracks if you like.

Protomartyr (feat. Kelley Deal) / ‘You Always Win’

Ever had an out of body experience while waiting for the gallows? Looked down on yourself as you slowly shuffle to an undignified end? Eventually, Protomartyr are everyone’s funeral band. On the closing track from their new Consolation EP, they fold jazzy instrumentation into their sombre, grotty post-punk but still remain grave-faced.

Melody’s Echo Chamber / ‘Cross My Heart’

It’s the 60s, you’re in a small southern French village and you fall through a wormhole. It’s the 80s, you’re enjoying the first wave of P-funk and you fall through another. It’s an indeterminate time period, you’re in the Andes and you fall back through the first. The opening track from Bon Voyage, the second album from Melody Prochet, is a psych-pop patchwork that shouldn’t make sense, but conducts a thrilling trip regardless.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever / ‘Mainland’

Time for the beach! We’re in the car with surfboards on the roof. Jovial digs pass between us all like lightning, matched by the jagged post-punk riffs. It’s a millenial’s Beatles film. ‘Mainland’ is a sharp standout among many from RBCF’s debut, Hope Downs.

Flirting. / ‘Peppermint’

It’s 2013, I’m 16 and I’ve finished school - I’m naive and ready for a drawn out summer full of success and mistakes. This is the song that plays in my head for all three of those sultry, sunny months. Dense with ripe melodies and zipping between scuzzy emo and restrained pop, ‘Peppermint’ is a brash introduction to flirting., retrospectively soundtracking the long summer evenings of my youth.

SOPHIE / ‘It’s Okay To Cry’

Imagine you’ve pissed off a loved one, upsetting yourself to the point of self-frustrated tears. You come clean and own up to your mistakes, and you expect anger and retaliation but accept warm embraces and unbounded forgiveness. All of which sets you off sobbing harder. The opener from debut OIL FROM EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES, ‘It’s Okay to Cry’ is the aural equivalent: you’re used to SOPHIE’s harsh, clanging percussion and when confronted by a softer, synth-pop ballad, you’re surprise-attacked with honest emotion.

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