29 Jun 2018



To dangle from a pedestal constructed by those you long to impress most, or at least those who want to be impressed by you, can be a tug-of-war problem between parent and child. It's fine to balance precariously at the expense of an unwise decision or an unfavourable characteristic, says Talkboy. You do you. Mistakes are only natural. 

It is a problem Talkboy have embraced with swoons, croons, jangles and toe-taps. Melodies are gentle and euphonic between the voices of Katie Heap and Calum Juniper, confessing "I was always perfect in her eyes / and all I ever did was tell her lies", before erupting into an infectious Big Moon-esque chorus. 'Mother' is a sigh of relief on a pollen-stuffed summer's day. 

The Leeds six-some launched their debut this week, and are a band for Yorkshire lads and lasses to follow with anticipation. 



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