We’ve had some time off (we were taken ill with a case of World Cup fever, we’re sorry) but this week we’ve made the apt decision to get a football commentator in to write Re-linquent. And with two weeks to choose from, picking just five teams has proved a challenge. We managed though - draw from the sweepstakes and find your new favourite bands below.

Our Girl / ‘In My Head’

‘In My Head’ finds defending champions Our Girl FC tackling heavy riffs and catchy melodies. A last-minute cross from the team’s rhythm section sees the song take a swift course straight for the goal while captain Soph Nathan is reliably sturdy throughout.

Trust Fund / ‘Embarrassing!’

It’s been a dry few years for the Bristol squad but Friday’s victory saw an abundance of new fans arrive at their doorstop. Upgrading their kit, Ellis Jones sounds smarter than ever and nowhere is that more apparent than early goal ‘Embarrassing!’ where the team dribble with early Weezer influences and gorgeously lo-fi harmonies.

Meal Deals / ‘Rom Coms’

The Brentford FC boys always mark their man well and in this case he’s Hugh Grant. Teaming trademark hilarity with match-fit fuzz, it’s the golden goal that the band’s supporters have been desperately waiting for since February’s ‘Daddy’ and last year’s Double, marking a hattrick for the tidy team. No time-wasting, no fouling, just pure gold football action.

Muncie Girls / ‘Falling Down’

Devon’s best hopes for reaching the finals, Muncie Girls have been reliably smashing out emo-pop sitters for the past few seasons now but ‘Falling Down’ sees the group power a free kick straight into the back of the net. Expect big things from this small team over the coming few matches.

Let’s Eat Grandma / ‘It’s Not Just Me’

A quick dab of the magic sponge has transformed these peddlers of freak-folk into modern pop Maradonas. Following a quick squad rotation, managerial duties have been handed over to SOPHIE and Faris Badwan who deliver an album aiming for the premiership. Against the run of play maybe, but a clear success for the childhood friends come the final whistle.

They think it’s all over - it is now.

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