After a year of recording, touring and festival slots, Vulgarians are back with ‘Dead People Are Easier To Love’, the first offering of their upcoming album. Frontman RW Preen talks to us about the single and how it came to be.

‘Dead People Are Easier To Love’, the first new music from the Hull band since their 2017 EP, is an intoxicating portal that transports you into the murky depths of an underworld; Vulgarians are the rebel leaders, the stage their pedestal. Possessive guitar riffs hypnotise you with seismic pulses, blurring your vision into kaleidoscopic swirls before spitting you out at break-neck speed. The more you listen, the further you’re magnetised into this shimmering, sticky world of Vulgarians.

What’s so intoxicating about the single is its sense of urgency, conveyed through the lyricism and pulsating bassline that still rings in your ears long after the reverb cuts out. Pressure and angst ring within the sonic palpitations of the single, reflecting the social-anxieties expressed in the lyrics and the rush the band had to get the single written before entering the studio. Penned just 72 hours before recording sessions at the Nave with Alex Greaves (Avalanche Party, The Orielles, Bo Ningen), ‘Dead People Are Easier To Love’ was conceived in haste; “I had 24 hours to get the words there,” reflects Preen, “I was walking around desperately searching for something to pop out, and I came across a blank billboard that had a little tag on it towards the bottom. It was just so mundane but I thought it was ace. We live in a time where people are so desperately trying to be recognized and everything’s thrown at you, a blank billboard was just hilarious to me."

That’s not to say that the album has been rushed; “It's been a ten to twelve month process doing the whole thing. We had an album that we finished around 6 months ago, but it included songs from an earlier EP, and we just thought people had been waiting long enough for this new album, so let's go fresh with it and record two more tracks.” One of those two tracks was ‘Dead People Are Easier To Love’, and listening to its matured sound, it’s exciting to think about what this refined album has up its sleeve.

With recognition from the likes of Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq following the band’s 2016 EP Life’s Successful Death and 2017’s Almost-Instinct, Almost True, Vulgarians clearly have the potential to propel into higher realms with this upcoming album.

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