Be it in Amsterdam or London Florence Van Camerijk has always made indie-pop look easy. From the ultra-DIY Demo Tape #1, each of which had a different animal sticker adorning the cover, to the Walking EP and its strapping full-band sound, it’s clear FVC has a knack for song writing. It was with great excitement that then FVC’s first material since 2015 was met with the reveal of electro-pop tinged double A-side Take Me Away / Here back in September. Now Delinquent is delighted to announce the new singles will be released physically on November 16th via Leeds’ Bowl Cut Records. We caught up with Florence to talk about her new music, recent move to Vancouver and working with close friend Oscar, whose band she used to be a part of.

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Take Me Away / Here is your first release since 2015, what have you been up to during your time away?

Yeah I realise it’s been a while, although it didn’t feel like it because I spent the year after the release of the Walking EP playing a lot of shows and rehearsing with my live band. Then my external hard drive crashed in January 2017 and I lost lots of demos and recordings. After sulking for a good month, maybe longer, I picked up the pieces and continued writing new material! And now it’s 2018!

How was recording your new material at Oscar’s studio?

Easy. I feel so comfortable around Oscar, we’ve known each other since the art school days. He’s seen me develop as an artist and I have seen him grow and become the great artist he is today so there is a lot of mutual respect and understanding. I think that’s really important. He knows what I mean when I say: “can you make it sound like pleeaaaauuppp” or whatever, in one go haha. When he has critique or suggestions, I’ll happily listen. Can’t say that about everyone!

You’ve recently moved to Vancouver, what brought this about? What have you been up to since the move?

The need for space more than anything. I absolutely love nature AND the city, Vancouver definitely offers both. You have incredible nature in the UK but I really don’t fancy spending £100 a weekend for a return train ticket to the peak district. Now I have it on my doorstep. The peaks are just actual huge mountains now. I went wild camping last weekend, which was wild. Brought bear spray and everything.

How do you think the change of scenery could affect your musical output? And have you had a chance to sample the local music scenes yet?

Oooh as I was riding my bike through town yesterday all sort of melodies were going through my head, I had to stop a bunch of times to record voice memos. I’m interested to hear the difference in sound once I start recording, don’t think I’ll go all Enya on y’all though, but we’ll have to wait and see. There’s a great punk/new wave/goth scene here, I’ll be alright!

Having been based in Amsterdam and London previously, have these cities had much of an impact on your music?

Yeah, London more of a prominent one than Amsterdam I’d say. Because the music scene in London is so vibrant it’s easy to get inspired by the people around you as well as the never-ending vaults of music to discover in record stores and via friends. Lyrically I always write from a very personal perspective and that wouldn’t be the same if I were living somewhere else. City problems. Sound-wise however, the Amsterdam connection has only recently started surfacing in my music. Especially all the gorgeous 90s euro-pop I grew up on.

Take Me Away / Here sees you shift slightly musically to a more electronic, pop sound. What brought about this change?

That happened very naturally, I’ve always written everything on piano/keyboard, and recently the intervals and sequences I’ve been using started to go in a more electropop direction. And instead of ironing that out a little with live guitar and drum sounds I thought – fuck it, I’m going all out.

Are there any bands/artists you’re into right now that you think we should be listening to?

Spill Gold from Amsterdam are an absolute dream, they’ve just wrapped up a UK tour and are off to tour Europe with BEAK> soon. I saw them live a bunch of times this summer and they’re just mesmerising!

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