There’s not a lot that could improve the excitement and exhilaration that comes from watching live music. However, I can think of a few: a joyfully stringy slice of stone-baked pizza; a hotdog so overloaded with cheese, jalapeños and cheese that you don’t even know where to start; the blissful first bite of your favourite vegan fried chicken wrap. For over two years now Pizza for the People have been providing Leeds with some of the most exciting line-ups accompanied by the tastiest of treats. December will see their arguably most exciting show yet as the formidable Warmduscher headline Indie Banquet XII.

Joining Warmduscher at the brilliant Wharf Chambers are London’s newest, grittiest post-punks Hotel Lux, Hull’s raucous Lumer, new Leeds' freshest Wilted and noisy DIY specialists Polevaulter. Prepare to have your VFC served with a sizeable dollop of feedback.

I spoke to Clams Baker Jr of Warmduscher, a project featuring members of Fat White Family, Insecure Men and Paranoid London whose sounds range from the sweet ('Summertime Tears' and '1000 Whispers') to the downright chaotic ('Standing On The Corner' and 'I Got Friends'); Sammy Robinson of Wilted, a band featuring members of Chest Pains, Glass Mountain and Treeboy & Arc; and Pizza for the People’s Ryan and Julia.

Incase you where wondering, Ryan and Julia will be enjoying their vegan chicken with honey mustard sauce, Sammy’s will be smothered in a BBQ/Mayo combo (chilli if he’s feeling naughty), and Clams will be enjoying his with a very different condiment however (find out what below).


Photo by Jack Parker

Your set at End of the Road Festival will stay with me for a long time. What was that show like for you guys? Can we expect more carnage at Wharf Chambers?

Clams: That was one of those shows where it was destined for chaos from the start and rightfully so! It’s a music festival and we are playing at 1am on a Friday night so do the math. The festival security ruined it all really as they were heavy handed enough to put me in the hospital for a second and I’m sure a few people trying to get on the stage as well. The thing is, we may have this reputation for being out of control but it’s not actually the case all the time. We just react to whatever is happening, it’s not some contrived act, and that night it was going off. Long story short, they fined us for pure lies and said they would have stopped the show if they didn’t feel a full fledge riot would have happened if they did. Just expect to get your moneys worth, all the other stuff is incidental.

You’re all known for your other projects away from Warmduscher. How do you balance that?

Clams: First come first serve basis and who ever pays most!

Your various other projects’ sound, particularly Paranoid London’s, are quite different from that of Warmduscher. Was that a deliberate choice? How did your collaboration first come about?

Clams: The witherer is the man that makes the PL music, I just do vocals on that so basically it was more him adding something different to Paranoid London. I do make music sometimes, some sort of strange stuff, but I don’t see any of it not fitting in. We all have different tastes of similar origin, kind of like how when you get Chinese food in Poland I guess. We all collaborate because we all like each other’s company to a certain point and we all share a love of laughing at shit. It’s a really great scenario and I personally am blessed to be a part of it.

What/where is Whale City and who are Pretty Lilly, Whale Jimmy, Uncle Sleepover, Ice Cream Keith and Disco Minny?

Clams: You haven’t done your homework!!!!! Whale City is anywhere and everywhere, and anything and everything you want it to be. Could be a long walk on the beach or a night in a dirty back room wherever you are living at the moment. Those characters are all everyday life characters that are right in front of you, it’s just wether or not you get to spend the time to know them. They are everywhere.

Indie Banquet is all about the marriage between great music and delicious food and at this show the food on offer is Wharf Chambers’ vegan fried chicken. What is your perfect VFC condiment?

Clams: Seeing as we are just finishing writing our third album today, I’ll have mine with the blood of anyone in our way. Thank you all for listening and supporting us, it means a lot. See you in Leeds.


Photo by Sam Joyce

You’re something of a Leeds supergroup, how did Wilted come about?

Sammy: Supergroup is a big word, we wouldn’t say that… We are however all in other Leeds-based bands, which I suppose is how we all met. Wilted stemmed from us hanging out a lot and all wanting to work on something a little darker and a little bit different. It’s a side project for all of us really, which is why we don’t do much. When people do ask us to play shows though I suppose it makes it a little more special as it’s not very often that we play out as a band!

I believe I’m right in thinking all of your respective bands have played past Indie Banquets. How important do you think PFTP are in Leeds’ current scene? Whats it like playing Ryan and Julia’s shows?

Sammy: That’s correct, all of us have probably played multiple shows for Ryan and Julia now! They’re great, they look after the bands they put on and really care about what they do. The smallest details have always been thought about and that’s probably why their shows are always full. We would certainly class them as friends rather than promoters now.

Could you tell me a bit about Guillotine?

Sammy: Guillotine is a glass of cold water when your mouth is dry. It’s the fried eggs on your Full English. It’s friendship. It’s love. It’s Guillotine…

[read our interview with Guillotine in Delinquent issue 5 here.]


This Banquet will be your twelfth in just over two years. How has Pizza For The People changed over that time?

I think we’ve developed in terms of what we can achieve, in the sense that if you’d have said to us two years ago that we would have been able to host bands like The Wytches, Gengahr, Trudy & The Romance, Kagoule & Warmduscher we would have bitten your hand off!

I think that we’ve also developed our vision, in terms of how we want to progress and how we want to grow and what we want to achieve in the next 2 to 3 years.

If you had to choose, what has been each of your favourite PFTP moment?

Ryan – for me one of my favourite memories was a conversation we once had with Team Picture just after one of their sound checks down at Wharf Chambers after they had written a guests name down as David Attenborough. We were joking about how they had managed to get the legend on their guest list, which then catapulted into a full blown debate about how we could preserve the legacy of David Attenborough and make Planet Earth programmes after his death, from cryogenically freezing him to my argument of recording him reading the entire dictionary in 3 different tones, calm, mildly excited & really excited!! I don’t know why this memory sticks in my head but it does. Maybe it’s because an answer has yet to be found.

Julia – for me it’s got to be when The Orielles played for us and Henry couldn’t help but make multiple trips to the sweet jar (that we have on entry at Indie Banquet gigs) to grab a handful of lovehearts and drumstick lollies. The pinnacle was when Sid strolled over and said ‘Henry, what are you doing?’ and he replied, without hesitation and partway through unravelling the packaging, ‘It’s acceptable, you know. We’re the youngest one’s here.’ It still makes me chuckle.

Six of your twelve IB’s have been at Wharf Chambers. What makes you return to Wharf so often? How important do you think it is to Leeds’ music scene?

They are all lovely supportive people that are there to help people like ourselves thrive and feel appreciated. They have great sound, great sound engineers, great bar staff and everyone else in between.

They are massively important to the Leeds music scene as they give people a platform to express themselves and do it in the right way, with morals.

Indie Banquet XII will take place at Wharf Chambers, Leeds on December 15th and will feature Warmduscher, Hotel Lux, Lumer, Wilted and Polevoulter. Food from Wharf Chambers vegan fried chicken.

Tickets available here:

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