Photos by Sam Joyce

After their biggest year to date Leeds fastest rising DIY promotors Pizza For The People brought their 2018 to a close with a bang last weekend. With five Indie Banquets this year the much loved Ryan and Julia have hosted the likes of Kagoule, Gengahr, Trudy and the Romance and Baba Naga. From minute one there was a really sense of excitement for the final headliners of the year, Warmduscher. With five bands on the bill this was always going to be a brilliantly chaotic night, with a twist around every corner.

First up we had Polevaulter, who made the short trip from Huddersfield to ignite the room with an enthralling brand of noise. The band showcase the heavier side of the West Yorkshire scene whilst also sparking comparisons to Leeds’ favourites and Indie Banquet veterans Chest Pains. Speaking of Chest Pains, Wilted are soon to grace the stage. Featuring members of Chest Pains, Treeboy & Arc and Glass Mountain this spin-off band are seldom seen but if you get the chance, grab it with both hands. Exploring a slightly darker side of the spectrum than their regular bands Wilted are intelligent and gripping. A really exciting new project that I hope to see a lot more of moving forward.

Moving forward tonight and we are met with a barrage of heavy punk in the form of Hull’s Lumer, big favourites of many a Leeds promotor (this is their second Indie Banquet and they recently light up Fehm’s Floodlands halloween shindig). A refrained, sweat-drenched set kicks out evening into another gear. A long evening of bands in a venue with drinks as reasonably priced as Wharf Chambers, we’re all getting into the Christmas spirit by now.

London’s freshest hype band Hotel Lux next we are nearing the night's big drama. The band offer a fresh take on the sleazy swagger we associate other London bands, Shame and The Fat Whites to name a couple. Having supported the likes of Ought, Insecure Men and even Slaves, Hotel Lux have developed into a fine live outfit and are unfazed by a brief interruption from the fire alarm splitting their set in half. After a short period of huddling for warmth outside, rumours of why the alarms went off flying around in a cloud of excitable conversation, we march back in and the five-piece crack on supremely.

The fire alarm interrupts a band. You’d think that would be the nights big talking point. Alas, that crown goes to one Jack Medley, who (coincidently) I had discovered the day before during a routine Facebook scroll. As Warmduscher are setting up a Medley, scruffy haired and wearing baggy ripped jeans, takes to the stage, drum machine in hand. His techno-backed ramblings are the perfect preparations to the madness of Warmduscher.

This is the third time I’ve seen Warmduscher since September, which on reflection is a lot of times in a very short period. Anyway, it’s testament to their live show. Taking ramshackle to an exquisite new level the band impress with takes from their brilliant second album Whale City, highlights include 'Standing On The Corner', '1000 Whispers' and 'I Got Friends' which closes their set in a suitably wild fashion. This set offers more than just hits, the band have recently finished recording their third record and sampled a few great sounding new cuts. The future is very exciting with regards to arguably the most entertaining band around right now.

But it’s not just them who can be exited about things to come. This gig closes an exceptional year for Pizza For The People and a run of shows that have really stood out in the Leeds scene. Not only for their impressive headliners but also their commitment to local talent and ability to curate nights of sonic perfection. I can’t wait to see what’s on the menu at the next Indie Banquet.

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