SPINN / Spinn

Last year, The 1975 released A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, an album so stunningly perceptible Matty Healy promptly decreed himself and co. the “band of this decade”. Interesting.

With a little over six months before the 2010s call it a day, lacklustre modernity one foot out the door, the legitimate heirs to that title have announced themselves. After what feels like an era of posturing and really boring faux intellectualism, SPINN are quite simply, quite happily, the best at writing deliriously emotive guitar track after track. Their eponymous debut album showcases this perfectly.

SPINN absolutely excel at setting tone –‘Believe It Or Not’ with its irresistible hook, nostalgia abound on ‘Is There Something That I Missed?’, mournful malaise (‘Heaven Sent’) or hopeless romanticism (‘Shallow’). ‘Sunshine’, a song about a girl everyone’s met who could ask a favour “for even showing up at all”, somehow evokes both The Cure and The Stone Roses and hilariously will have its subject matter singing along, oblivious.

The whole thing might as well revolve around track six, ‘Notice Me’: an absolute love letter to the unloved in quite the same anthemic vein as, oh dare I say it, ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’. If it weren’t surrounded by the rest of the album, you’d say it was lightning in a bottle.

I can’t shake the feeling that now’s the perfect time for a sort-of revival – a new golden age of jangly guitar pop informed by personal heroes, The Smiths, the Roses, the Primitives… please, please, please can the time have come? The unwavering heart must hope that SPINN (amongst others: Alvvays, always) are the catalysts. The evidence is there: take a five-minute detour through their back catalogue of non-album singles and you’ll find a myriad of masterpieces in ‘She Takes Her Time’, ‘After Dark’ and ‘It’s Not Getting Better’. Still, nothing about this lot feels recycled or cynical – they belong to and own the now, running on optimism alone.

Whether a triumphant signal post to open the floodgates or simply the album of the summer, time will tell. What’s dead certain is that SPINN’s first foray into LP territory is sheer bliss.

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